PDF Watermarks - Add or Remove Watermarks in your PDF Documents

  • vista logoPuts a watermark on one or more PDFs
  • Watermark image or text
  • Several watermark options, including opacity, position and appearance
  • Preview the watermark before applying it to the PDF
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Smart PDF Watermarks puts a light marking in the background of a PDF. This watermark could be an image from a file or some text that you specify. For example, you might want to have your company logo as a watermark in your PDF, or perhaps put "Confidential" in the background of the document if you do not want the information shared.


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You can set the position of the mark on the page and also specify the rotation and scale factor. In addition, select whether it will appear on all the pages of the PDF or only some pages.


There are even more options so that you can configure the watermark exactly how you want it. You can specify that the watermark will show when printing, when displaying, on even or odd pages, and on top or behind the page. The Preview window shows the watermark as you have specified it.